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Organic Animal Production Workshop will take place in November

Organic Animal Production Workshop will take place in November

Production, cooperative and value chain exhibitions, as well as simulations and case studies, will be part of the methodology. & nbsp;

On November 19, a “Organic Animal Production Workshop” will be held online, between 11:00 am and 5:15 pm, which aims to provide knowledge for the technical management of production systems focused on the complementarity of plant-animal production.

This training activity will take place within the framework of the “3rd International Seminar on Agroecological Organic Agriculture, Chile 2020”, which will take place on November 17 and 18, via streaming by the Universidad Autónoma TV de Temuco.

The workshop will be given by Colombian specialists Michael Rúa Franco, General Manager of International Livestock Business Culture, CEG; and from Argentina, Ruben Omar Contreras, Agricultural Engineer from the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of Balcare, Federico Vasquetto, producer of the “El Mate” establishment, and Ignacio Gálvez, CEO of Agrocomodities S.A.

The topics to be addressed will be: “Plant / animal integration in the production of smaller and larger animals”, “Livestock cooperativism”, “Organic sheep production: managing the value chain” and, in addition, the talks will be used as methodology case studies, experience reports, and practical activities.

Rodrigo Rojas Cheuquenao, founder of Agro Mapu Business, the entity that organizes the workshop and seminar, invites interested parties to make the most of these training initiatives and, above all, to establish a debate on the matter to obtain feedback, which allows arriving at a management system that can be applied to the realities of each attendee.

The seminar is free and the cost of the workshop is $ 2,000 (two thousand Chilean pesos), which is equivalent to US $ 2.60 (dollars). & nbsp;

For more information on the content of the workshop and the link for registration, HERE .

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