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Ecocert will be a sponsor at the AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico 2021

Ecocert will be a sponsor at the AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico 2021

From AOA Chile as Agromapu Business we are pleased to inform that Ecocert Chile will be a sponsor of the agricultural event that will take place virtually on November 24 and 25 of this year. The company is accredited by the INN under Nch 2411 as a product certification body.

Ecocert Chile has confirmed its participation in the AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico by working as sponsors of the event. The renowned company has been responsible for the certification of more than 12 thousand hectares belonging to more than 140 clients in Chile and which also export to markets in the US, the European Union and Asia.

The organization was created in 2001 by the IMO – BIOSTIFFTUNG Group (Switzerland) and Fundación Chile. Since then, it has been an undisputed leader in Chile with regard to organic farm certifications, generating a market share of over 60%. Thus, IMO’s experience in certification extends to a wide variety of products and areas.

In addition, Ecocert Chile continues with the work of Henrich Neisskenwirth, Graduated in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Weihenstephan, Munich, Germany. Henrich is both a founding partner and Manager of Ecocert Chile S.A since 2001 and has twenty years of experience in auditing and certification of organic agriculture at an international level.

For more information about Ecocert Chile you can visit the following link:

Cristian Martin Ruchaj

Communications Manager.

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