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The largest meeting of national agriculture this year will be 100% virtual

The largest meeting of national agriculture this year will be 100% virtual

The third version of Expo Chile Agrícola will be held on September 29 and 30 and will offer more than 100 activities including forums, seminars, workshops and free technical training. & nbsp;

Completely virtual will be the third version of Expo Chile Agrícola of the Ministry of Agriculture, the largest meeting and training point for the forestry sector, which will be held on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September through the website www.expochileagricola. cl.

The event, organized by the Fundación de Comunicaciones, Capacitación y Cultura del Agro (FUCOA), will bring together the 12 services of the Ministry of Agriculture (INDAP, CONAF, SAG, INIA, ODEPA, CNR, CIREN, FIA, ACHIPIA, INFOR, Agroseguros and FUCOA), as well as institutions related to agriculture, including public bodies, universities and professional institutes and companies in the sector, which will offer more than 100 activities including seminars, workshops and technical training talks in five main topics of interest to agriculture: water, sustainable agriculture, technology and innovation, rural development and associativity. & nbsp;

Expo Chile Agrícola 2020 will also have a support and financing network for agricultural entrepreneurs and a virtual tour with stands of exhibitors, institutions and companies in the sector, thanks to a digital platform that will also integrate the Expo TV signal, with interviews, live activities and videos about Minagri initiatives and its services.

“Today the Ministry of Agriculture and its services, as well as public and private institutions related to agriculture, must be more united than ever to support the development of our agriculture and its people. For this reason, Expo Chile Agrícola is a tremendous contribution, since it will bring together very relevant actors and will contribute knowledge and vital experiences for the development of agriculture that, like other sectors, is adjusting, within the framework of the & nbsp; Economic Reactivation Plan promoted by the Government ”, explains the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker. & Nbsp;

For her part, the executive director of FUCOA, Francisca Martin, emphasizes that “it will be a very interactive space, which will facilitate the access of people from all over the country to training, conversation and information on key issues for agriculture. We will have chats to make inquiries to the participating institutions, attendees will have the possibility of evaluating each activity in which they participate and will be able to access a downloadable participation certificate at the end of the event “. & Nbsp;

Along with various virtual pavilions that will be available in this version, within the novelties of this year highlights the international participation of New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Holland, Brazil and Peru, together with the World Bank, who will have the role to provide a broad vision about the challenges and opportunities of agriculture worldwide and in the hemisphere, as well as its application in our country.

The pre-accreditation form is now available for those interested and interested in participating in the most important fair of Chilean agriculture, which for the first time will be held 100% virtual on September 29 and 30 through the site web

Source: FUCOA Foundation.

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