Organic Seminar «AOA Chile 2020» To Be Hosted Online In November

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Agroecological Organic Agriculture 2020 (AOA Chile), the international seminar that takes place in Chile every year, is going online in November. And you can attend from anywhere in the world.

On November 17, 18 and 19, 2020, in the Carahue commune, the «3rd International Seminar on Agroecological Organic Agriculture, Chile 2020» will be organized by Agromapu Business and the Municipality of Padre Las Casas, Chile.

AOA Chile aims to share the knowledge of specialists from across the globe on matters of organic agribusiness marketing, protection of native seeds, organic farm animal husbandry, plant production, and organic inputs.

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Nov 17 & 18: Seminar
Nov 19:
Workshop 1 – Trade & Production in Organic Business
Workshop 2 – Animal Husbandry in Organic Agriculture


– Michael Rua, General Manager, Livestock Business Culture, Colombia.
– Edinson Vaquiro, General Manager, Grupo Empresarial AGPROCEM Planadas, Colombia.
– Eric Semeillon, President of the Latin American Kokopelli Association, Costa Rica.
– Verónica Devenin, SEKN, Costa Rica.
– Lorenzo Nigo, MD de ACAMEX (Association of Approved Certification Bodies in Mexico).
– Julia Lernoud, member of the IFOAM board, Argentina.
– Ruben Contreras, Department of Sustainable Development Organization of American States & Consultant and Coordinator for the Sustainable Chubut Programme, Argentina.
– Pedro Landa, MAPO Founding Partner (Argentine Movement for Organic Production) and Director of the Rodale USA Institute, Argentina.
Luiz Demattè, CEO, Korin, Brazil.


COLUN, Cooperativa Agrícola y Lechera de la Unión
IFOAM, la Federación Internacional Agricultura Orgánica y la distribuidora internacional de productos orgánicos
EOSTA, the international distributor or organic products.

The seminar will also be attended by prominent national figures from the field of agriculture, such as:

  • Henrich Neisskenwirth Executive Director, Ecocert Chile
  • Valentina Vives and Susana Hernández from the Semilla Austral Cooperative
  • Segundo Yevilao Huenchullan President of the Miguel Yevilao Ponotro indigenuos community
  • Claudio Cárdenas Head of the Department of Organic Agriculture at the Agricultural and Livestock Service, SAG, Chile.

«This year, due to the economic impact of Covid-19, we have decided to do make the seminar charge-free. The organic agricultural marketing and production workshops which will be held on the 19th of November, will have a nominal charge of 2,000 Chilean Pesos (approx.US $2.60)», says Rodrigo Rojas Cheuquenao, Founder of Agromapu Business.

Fuente: Pure & Eco India

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