AOA Chile and Agro Mapu Business participated in the CNAO meeting to propose Chile as the venue for the IFOAM 2024 Organic World Congress

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The CNAO met to discuss Chile’s proposal as the host country for the IFOAM 2024 Organic World Congress. Rodrigo Rojas, founder and director of AOA Chile, participated there. This, together with other actors of agroecological organic agriculture, committed to making Chile a global event.

On February 29 there was an extraordinary meeting of the CNAO to propose Chile as the host country for the IFOAM 2024 Organic World Congress . Representatives of IFOAM Latin America and some Argentine, Mexican and Chilean authorities on agroecological organic agriculture took part in this meeting.

This meeting was attended by Rodrigo Rojas Cheuquenao, founder and director of Agro Mapu Business and AOA Chile. Like all CNAO members, Rojas committed to position Chile and Latin America as promising territories for sustainable organic agriculture and for the IFOAM 2024 Organic World Congress. This is motivated by the < strong> cultural wealth and biodiversity that characterizes our continent.

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At the meeting, representatives of IFOAM Latin America spoke to show their support for the initiative . They explained that IFOAM could be conceived as an «umbrella» organization or a confederation of associations, movements and people interested in organic farming. Currently, IFOAM has a voice and vote in multilateral organizations focused on the human right to food security such as FAO. In addition, it is in constant interaction with the communities and local unions of sustainable organic agricultural production in Latin America.

Additionally, Homero Blas and Vanessa Ramírez from Mexico intervened in the collective dialogue. Both spoke about their experiences with agroecological organic agriculture and expressed their support for Chile’s proposal to host the IFOAM World Organic Congress in 2024 .

At the end of the meeting there were some debates about the organization and financing of the IFOAM 2024 Organic World Congress in Chile, the support from the authorities and public institutions and the type of congress that is intended to be promoted in Latin America. It is clear to all attendees that Chile and Latin America have great potential in sustainable organic agricultural production and that this warrants the organization of a congress in our region .

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Vivian A. Martínez Díaz
Press officer
communications @ aoachile. com

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