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Alberto Cárdenas joins the AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latin America 2021

Alberto Cárdenas joins the AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latin America 2021

The event organized by AOA Chile and Agromapu Business has added the experienced Agronomist Engineer as an exhibitor. The event will take place virtually on November 24 and 25.

AOA Chile as Agromapu Business is very grateful to inform the incorporation of a new exhibitor who will serve as a lecturer and speaker at the AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latinoamérica 2021, it is Alberto Cárdenas, a prestigious and experienced Agronomist Engineer from Bolivia who has extensive experience in the field.

Since 2018, Cárdenas has been working as Project Coordinator of “Small Seeds Great Opportunities KM 0” supported by the Italian cooperation. In addition, it is part of the Agrecol Andes Foundation of Bolivia, which has been promoting the development of agroecology, the integral management of water resources, healthy eating and the social solidarity economy, as a contribution to local and national sustainable territorial development. and regional Andean Amazon.

In his wide range of professional activities that he has carried out, we highlight his work as National Coordinator in MAELA (Agroecological Movement of Latin America and the Caribbean) in Bolivia; his work as National Co-Coordinator in the Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Network in Bolivia and his work as Technical Support in the National Association of Ecological Producers with SPG (ANPESPG) also in his native country.

Additionally, he has extensive experience as a lecturer, participating in events such as: Awareness in Ecological Production: IGA 2021 chef school; Training in SPG: Agroecological Committee Bolivia 2021; CIPCA national meeting: covid-19 and family farming 2020; SPGs International Meeting: 2020 Colombia, current SPG Bolivia; Conversation: knowledge and Prospects for the development of Agribusiness, Agroecological Production and commercialization (Local experience), FEICOBOL 2018; among others.

The AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latin America 2021 will be held virtually as a hybrid, if local authorities allow it, on November 24 and 25, 2021.

Cristian Martin Ruchaj

Communications Manager.

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