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The & nbsp; lof Miguel Yevilao de Ponotro , was organized as a community in 2003, with the purpose of generating an improvement in the quality of life of the families that make it up, recovering ancestral territories and working the land with cultural identity.

The & nbsp; lof Yevilao & nbsp; belongs to a long ancestral historical and cultural tradition, where collective memory allows establishing a starting point at the beginning of the 20th century, with a territorial settlement in the sector where today it is located. Since those times they have expressed interest in developing an agricultural and cultural tradition, based on contact and care for the land that provides their livelihood. The persistence of the family organization, respecting the ties of kinship and the way of life in a territory with a common history, have allowed an integral development that has allowed the lof to function in different economic and cultural spheres.

Today the land continues to be worked with the incorporation of technology into the processes, accompanied by coastal harvesting activities, the raising of birds and livestock in general. After facing the historical-social processes of our country, the & nbsp; Miguel Yevilao Community & nbsp; has managed to maintain its vision of the world and gradually strengthen cultural aspects that had been taken away from them.

Thanks to the permanence of this form of social organization, there is still a familiar atmosphere of trust, attachment and responsibility. This greatly contributes to good organization within the community, being a factor that increases successful projections.

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