The most damaging products for the environment

Our diet has an obvious impact on the environment. By selecting the products that we buy, cook and consume, we can reduce the daily damage we cause to the climate, natural spaces, water or the lives of the rest of the animals that inhabit the planet. Foods to Avoid, for the Good of the Environment […]

Los productos más dañinos para el medio ambiente

Nuestra dieta tiene un impacto evidente en el medio ambiente. Seleccionando los productos que compramos, cocinamos y consumimos podemos reducir los daños que provocamos a diario en el clima, los espacios naturales, el agua o la vida del resto de animales que habitan el planeta. Alimentos que se deben evitar, por el bien del medio ambiente […]

The 20th Organic World Congress will take place in Rennes, France in September

The 20th Organic World Congress will be held in Rennes, France between September 6 and 10, 2021. This congress has been organized by different actors, such as IFOAM Organics International, Agence Bio, A Pro Bio, Bio Center, Cluster Bio, Ecocert, FNAB, GRAB, IBB, InterBio Nouvelle Aquitaine, InterBio Pays de la Loire, ITAB, MABD, Natexbio, Nature […]

Organic Animal Production Workshop will take place in November

Production, cooperative and value chain exhibitions, as well as simulations and case studies, will be part of the methodology. & nbsp; On November 19, a «Organic Animal Production Workshop» will be held online, between 11:00 am and 5:15 pm, which aims to provide knowledge for the technical management of production systems focused on the complementarity […]

Premiere of the audiovisual series Ruta Orgánica Latin America

A learning journey around organic and agroecological production. The «Latin American Organic Route» is an audiovisual proposal, produced by Agromapu Business, which collects experiences and knowledge of the agroecological and organic agricultural sector in Latin America, through a tour of the north of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, and Costa Rica. Rodrigo Rojas […]